Our Barista Training courses and all certification courses are held at our Scottish Barista School which is based in Bathgate in West Lothian.

The Training Centre was built solely for training and is fully equipped with all of the equipment and brewing tools needed for the budding Barista.

We believe in ‘hands on’ so we only train up to a maximum of four students a time. Bathgate is situation almost equidistant from Edinburgh & Glasgow with very good train links from both cities. Bathgate is just off J3A/J4 from the M8.

Home Brew

Our Home Brew Course will take the budding home brew barista through the different aspects of brewing filter coffee and enable you to perfect your own brewing method providing you with the perfect cup of coffee.. during your time with us you will be shown how the various systems work, be able to taste different coffees, and if time allows, how to extract the perfect espresso from your own domestic espresso machine.

18th February

SCAE Barista Skills – Intermediate

Whether coffee is your passion, your job, or a career opportunity waiting to happen, having the core barista skills is vital.


27th & 28th February

SCAE Introduction to Coffee

A half day course on a journey through the history, development and most importantly the making of a perfect cup of coffee, the SCAE Introduction to Coffee will stimulate both your mind and your taste buds.



SCAE Barista Barista Barista

A two day course that covers the three main disciplines of these courses, the SCAE Introduction to Coffee, SCAE Barista Skills and SCAE Brewing and Grinding. You will leave with the skills needed to follow a career in the coffee industry.


7th & 8th March

SCAE Barista Skills – Foundation

Whether coffee is your passion, your job, or a career opportunity waiting to happen, having the core barista skills is vital.


8th, 14th & 23 March

SCAE Sensory Skills


This course will help you to understand flavours, aromas and the different characteristics of a variety of coffees from around the world.Who Is It For? 
This course is designed for professional Barista, for buyers and for people who love coffee! The Course In Detail
The course will enable you to identify six key aromas associated with coffee and to describe six different flavours.

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SCAE Barista Skills & Brewing and Grinding Course

A new course offering a great Barista Foundation course and a Barista Brewing course at a very special price of £395  – a saving of £95.

Jim Watson who runs our courses is a fully qualified Barista and he is absolutely passionate about coffee. Jim is a qualified SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe) and is a City & Guilds trainer.  His experience over the last 20-odd years is very extensive not only in coffee but in the setting up and running of coffee shops, cafes and catering.

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Bespoke Training

Book your very own day for yourself, for you and your partner or for your team. Depending on your knowledge and what you hope to achieve, we will design the training and content exactly to suit your needs.

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City & Guild Barista Qualification.

This course offers comprehensive training and education in Barista skills that range from the history of coffee bean to customer service. The qualification you receive is accredited by both the City & Guilds and the BSA (Beverage Service Association)

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